Al Zitona Al Khadra Holding was established as a parent company of a successful subsidiaries previously owned and run by a group of distinguished Libyan businessmen who decided to unite and coordinate their efforts under one umbrella.

Since its establishment the company was keen to provide to its subsidiaries full support and a set of common services which insure that each one of them maintains success while keeping her privacy, Making each company a leader in its own field.

The company owns and responsible for subsidiaries that specializes in a wide spectrum of business fields, ranging from Construction and contracting, Real Estate investment, Aviation, Shipping and logistics, ownership and running of shopping centers, general trading, Oil services and a variety of other businesses.

In addition to owning 12 very well known and successful national companies, Z.K holding based on the excellent reputation of its founders and capabilities of subsidiaries the company was able to establish many partnerships with international companies adding to the company's capabilities through the diversity of its activities covering different economic sectors.

Our vision: To continuously provide high quality services while ensuring adherence to standards and work ethic and to add value to shareholders, partners and customers.

Goals: To maintain our excellent reputation in the market through commitment to apply the highest standards to ensure that we supply the best of comprehensive services and get the best results, hoping to earn the trust of our customers and live up to their expectations.


Free Falcon Air

Al Sbeel Al Amthal maritime transport & logistics company

Husn Al Aman for security & safety equipments

Matres co. for oil services

Al Fadel for construction and Real Estate investment

Al Nisr for general construction and Real Estate investment

The new group for general construction

Al Tarabt metal wires manufacture co.

Mahd Al Fursan for construction materials & Marble import

Talaki Keram for Food, Fruits and frozen meat import

AL Roaya for Livestock and Frozen Meat import

Al Moredon Al Awael for food import

Aerada wa Shefa medical equipments import

AL Wefak for shopping center services and domestic marketing

Wadi Al Dardaneel for general construction

Abdelhafeez Bouhdeima
Phone: 0923001872 / 0913700413

Deputy Chairman
Fathy Eldarat
Phone: 0922154494 / 0912154494

General Manager
Fathy Bouhdeima
Phone: 0924389484 / 0913796474

Executive Manager

Public Relations
Phone: 0924028891

الإدارات: المالية - القانونية - الفنية - الشؤون الإدارية

إدارة الاستثمار: العقاري - السياحي - العامة

General trade


Transportation & Logistics

Safety & Security

Engineering Office

Oil Services